The winner of two Kennedy Center/ACTF Awards for his plays Attic and 
Where's Julie?, and the winner of the Best Horror Screenplay Award from the Los Angeles Film & Script Festival for his screenplay A Woman's Touch, Daniel Guyton is a published and internationally produced
playwright, screenwriter, poet, and funny man. He acts and directs from time to time, but prefers the quieter life of writing. He is primarily a satirist, though some may say a sadist, who focuses on the morally ambiguous and weird. His plays are usually funny, but with a hint of gravitas. He normally does not enjoy writing about himself in the third person, but he has to pay the bills. He is a modest man. For the most part.

What critics have said about Daniel Guyton:

"Tarpit-Dark Comedy" - Mark Lowry, Theatre Jones

"The Blackest of Black Comedies" - Lawson Taitte, Dallas Morning News

"Delightfully Perverse" - Mark Lowry, Theatre Jones

"Morally Repugnant" - Grant Tyler Peterson,

"Creepy, Discomforting and Revelatory" - Ryan Wilson, University of Georgia

"A Wicked Sense of Humor, and a Fearless Approach to Storytelling" - Jeff Marker, Circle Ensemble Theatre

"No One Does Wonderfully Dark, Disturbing, Character Driven Shows Like Daniel Guyton" - Gene Kato, Next Stage Press

"The Most Innovative, Original Play I've Ever Seen From a College Student" - Gary Garrison, the Dramatists Guild

"Twisted, Surreal, Cruel and Hysterical" - Todd Ziegler, Alley Theater

"It's Like South Park on Stage" - Rich Sagendorf, Mostly Harmless Productions

"Beautifully Done... Mesmerizing" - Judith Beasley, Working Title Playwrights

"Mr. Guyton's Talents as a Poet and Dramatist are Stellar" - Steve Capra, the Living Theatre

"Gut Wrenching Laughter" - Jeff Stolzer, Last Frontier Theatre Conference

"Theatre of the Obnoxious" - Grant Tyler Peterson,

"Darkest-of-Dark Comedies" - Will Arberry, D Magazine

"Hilarious" - Mary L. Clarke, Pegasus News

"The Opening Scene is Comic Gold" - Mark Lowry, Theatre Jones

"Very Moving and Poignant" - Bryan Fonseca, the Phoenix Theatre

"Darkly Funny and Emotionally Raw" - Greg Campbell, Incumbo Theatre Co.

"Best of the Bunch" - Lou Harry, Indianapolis Business Journal

"Provocative and Vivid... Powerful and Nasty" - Dr. Stanley Longman, UGA

"Extremely Well Written and Deplorably Funny" - Geri Albrecht, Heuer Publishing

"Naughty, Bawdy, Touching, and Maniacally Funny in Turns" - Pat Taylor, Tolucan Times

"Funny, Edgy, Even Spiritual" - Brian Toal, Mostly Harmless Productions

"Exceptional Theatre... Beautifully Written, Highly Dramatic" - Joelle Re' Arp-Dunham, Circle Ensemble Theatre

"One of the Best Up and Coming Writers Around" - Todd Risby, Actor

"Tightly Structured With an Amazing Premise" - What the Butler Saw

"Sweetness Spiced With Gentle Humor" - Jay Harvey,

"Surreal, Tender... An Acting High Point for the Entire Festival" - Alexandra Bonifield, Critical Rant and Rave

"Cream of the Crop - Imaginative, Macabre, Exciting!" - Todd Zeigler, Alley Theatre

"Guyton Brings Tender, Real Moments to the Stage, Without Slipping Down the Too-Much Slope" - Elizabeth J Musgrave,

"It's Stuff Like This That Made Me Fall In Love With Acting in the First Place" - Charlie Pierce, Third Eye Theatre

"Lovely Piece of Black Humor, Yet Heartwarming, and Real. It's Edgy, and Sweet and Funny... And a Bit Warped" - CJ Ehrlich, Playwrights' Binge

"Taken Elements of Comedy and Thrown in Moments of Psychological Thrills... The Most Entertaining Night of Theater I Have Seen" - Kate Barry, Arts-

"Witty, A Little Off-Center and Always Entertaining... A Wonderful Playwright and an Audience Favorite" - Lorenzo Scott, The Living Theatre

"Haunting, Poetic, Beautiful and Funny" - Brian Harris, Strawberry Festival

"Strange, Quirky, Foul-Mouthed, Sacrilegious" -

"He Likes to Bring People by Surprise and Force Them out of the Sweet Molecules" - Frettabladid Newspaper, 2005 (Run Through Google Translator)

"American Theologian and Activist Harold Thurman Once Said; “Don’t Ask What the World Needs. Ask What Makes You Come Alive, and Go Do It. Because What the World Needs are People Who Have Come Alive.” Dan Guyton... Does This with His Life. He Does What Makes Him Come Alive and It Inspires All Those Around Him... Some People Change the World with Great Inventions or Foundations, Dan Changes the World and Inspires Others Through Who He Is [as] a Person and His Gift as a Story Teller and Playwright. He Addresses Social Issues in his Playwriting that Most People Look at and Then Simply Look Away. Through Humor and Sensitivity He Has Given Voices to the Voiceless in our Society. His Unique and Compelling Style Make Us Not be Able to Look Away from our Communal Woes Such as Teen Pregnancy, Racism, Mental Health Problems, Homophobia and More. He Does this with Humor and Grace and Ultimately Compassion. He Has a Lot to Say to the World and He is Just Beginning" - Jenifer Kelly, University of Georgia

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